Product And Service

Career Knowledge

It all starts with knowledge and awareness of established and upcoming careers. Once career is sorted next is to have an idea about the colleges. Journey of coaches will help you to be doubly sure about your decisions. So in short, it will have:
1. Career Repository
2. College Repository
3. Life Coaches

Testing and preparation

Until you attempt the aptitude test, there is absolutely no way that you can be differentiated from another student. Once the personality assessment is done, next comes the preparation material for that career and its colleges, through:
1. Aptitude Testing
2. Preparation Material
3. Live Lectures

Updated Tracking

With hundreds of competitions and scholarships being announced round the year and thousands of colleges, it gets very difficult for a student to track them. We bring all this information at a single place for the students.
1. Entrance Alerts
2. Competitions Tracking
3. Scholarship Notifications

Continuous Support

Any career related query is welcome. There are many things in addition to career knowledge which helps students to zero down on their future career path, so continuous support is provided through webinars, articles and FAQs.
1. Webinars
2. Articles
3. Ask queries and FAQs

International Education

When it comes to International education, concerns increase manifold. Keeping in mind the future prospects of the college and the course, exhaustive guidance is provided through repositories and profile building tools.
1. Universities Repository
2. Summer School
3. Profile Building